Selling Information for Real Estate

real estate selling information

Real Estate Selling Tips.


  • Commissions and fees are important; don’t just choose an agent with the lowest fee and highest valuation.
  • Know what you want, be prepared with questions.
  • Ask for an agents information kit, re: company background etc.
  • Observe the knowledge, specialty and presentation.
  • Length of time in industry.
  • Procedure on contacting and following up buyers.
  • Does the agent have a Vendor Checklist?
  • Experience of agent with similar property in the district.
  • How will agent promote property?
  • Does agent give realistic appraisal based on comparable sales?
  • Ask about their company (number of agents working on property).
  • Where/how they advertise – exposure.


  • Tidy up the gardens – mulch if necessary, mow lawns and trim edges.
  • Clean the windows especially ones offering views to the garden and more, remove cobwebs.
  • Declutter.
  • Complete any renovations/half-completed jobs.
  • Ask agent tips on presentation, ie: cleanliness and tidiness, no smoking inside, air-freshener, carpets to be steam cleaned and fresh flowers etc. (presentation is everything!)
  • Tell agent to go around with you and point out what they can see needs improvement. Don’t take it personally!
  • Have all permits, evidence of work done available.

3016_030209103238_375NEGOTIATING OFFERS:

  • Listen to agent’s advice re: purchaser feedback.
  • Trust agent to do necessary work to present best offer.
  • Don’t be too greedy; you’ll scare off the purchaser.
  • Consider all expenses and build them into the price.
  • Decide the value of your home, but be prepared to adjust according to the market.


  • Believing your property is worth more than purchasers are prepared to pay (or a bank will lend for it).
  • Buying up and putting value on to get your next home when it’s not worth it!
  • Your agent is employed by you, remind them!
  • Taking an offer by phone the agent should see you in person.
  • Perceived lower offers can often be the last offer.
  • Choosing an agent on, rate or commission (low commission doesn’t necessarily mean top level service).
  • Over pricing from over capitalisation.
  • Taking the offers personally and making it a pride issue.
  • Thinking the $2000-$5000 more you want will change your life forever.
  • Focusing on the $5000 more you want and not focusing on the $350,000 offered.

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