Landlord Information

It’s time to raise the bar in Property Management!

 A confident property manager equals a confident investor.

Knowing that your property manager is equipped with exceptional skills and systems leads you to trust that your investment is in the best hands.

Our property management team follow these details to achieve the best financial return;

          Professional screening of tenant’s

          A zero tolerance towards rent arrears

          Detailed inspection reports

          Efficient maintenance arrangements

          24 Hour access to all your investment data

Our cloud based system accommodates for the significant transformation that has occurred over the last two years in property management. Converting from simply a rent collection service, to a dynamic investment management and service system.

What is the leasing process?

  1. Rent Appraisal

One of our team members will meet with you to discuss your desired outcomes. An assessment of your home will be carried out in comparison to similar properties within the current market.

  1. Marketing/Advertising

Photos of your property will be taken to represent to the public what the property offers; size of rooms, appliances, heating/cooling, backyard, lounge areas & bathrooms. Your advertisement will go live to Real, Domain and Wilson Partner Real Estate.

  1. Finding the right tenant

Our Property Manager Team will oversee all inspections, review applications and perform thorough references prior to presenting the applications to you in an easy to assess format.

  1. Tenancy Process

Our Property Managers will always ensure that rent is paid on time. Property Inspections are conducted prior to the tenant moving in, 3 Months after they have occupied the property and every 6 months thereafter to ensure that your property is looked after and well maintained. Requests from either the Landlord or Tenant are managed efficiently through our cloud based system

  1. End of a fixed term agreement

Prior to the end of the agreement our Property Managers will contact you to see how you would like to proceed. You may wish to renew the agreement on the existing terms, renew the agreement on new terms or ask the tenant to vacate. If the tenant wishes to vacate, your Property Manager will conduct a thorough exit inspection for your viewing prior to the bond being returned.

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