Maintenance Request

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  • - For us to assist you with your request, please attach a photograph of the damage and/or item requiring maintenance. Please know we can't see what you see. Without photographic evidence we are unable to address your maintenance item efficiently.
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  • If no, I undertake to personally provide access to the property at a time to be advised by Wilson Partners Real Estate or its contractors. I acknowledge that if I make such arrangements and fail to provide access to the property I will be personally liable for any charges incurred from said contractors for travel to and from the property and that a NEW maintenance request must be lodged for the required maintenance by me, the tenant.
    On receipt of the NEW maintenance request a new job number will be issued.
  • NOTE: By submitting this request I agree that my contact details may be provided to either the contractors engaged by Wilson Partners Real Estate or the owner of the property to facilitate contact in order to carry out the repairs.

    All Maintenance Request Forms are allocated a job number and will be attended to in job number order.

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