Land For Sale 515 The Bridle Track Glenaroua


515 The Bridle Track Glenaroua, Vic

Land Buy – $290,000 – $315,000

515 The Bridle Track Glenaroua, VicAn innovative farming landscape.

When all surrounding land was dry and drought struck, 515 the Bridle Track Glenaroua was lush and green. Why? Peter Andrews – who took ‘working the land’ to another level.

His simple innovative methods over 30 years have managed to reverse the salinity, rehydrate the land-scape and revitalise the flood plains by correcting the contours of the landscape. Shapes in the flood plains were artificially made by placing man made barriers of rocks, logs, reed beds and other organic matter to correct the eroding creek, with the result being higher and healthier water levels that were biologically active. Dam walls have been constructed to help stem the flow of water across the acreage and contour channels built so that they act like sponges and retain water throughout drought periods. Peter’s aim was to artificially reinstate the landscape’s natural processes which one could undoubtedly say is the ultimate innovation in landscape restoration. And now, with potential in sight, this fertile agricultural landscape is being offered for sale.

Fenced and FZ zoned, this property has 3 major dams and several minor ponds amongst its 41 acres of land all of which is awaiting its next farming chapter.

Land For Sale 515 The Bridle Track Glenaroua

Daniel Bruggink

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